51 Reasons

To be beside TAS.

User Friendly

It's easy to work on centerpoint ERP software on your first login without any instructions all you need is the basic knowledge of working a computer.

Web Based

You do not have to install anything on your computer. Centerpoint can be accessed from any part of the world using your favorite browser.

24/7 support

Team TAS is there to offer support 24/7 to help with any problem you encounter or answer any questions you may have about TAS.

Multi-Company Solution

Easy migration from your existing software

TAS offers custom data import from excel facilities which is a great help in dat migration.

Affordable pricing

TAS offers top tier software package at affordable price. We have a software for anyone.

Graphical reports

Get a graphical analysis of company and its resources performance with the help of centerpoint ERP.

Data Privacy

We offer full privacy to your data as the data is fully encrypted while being stored in the ERP.

Online payments on the go

TAS allows for payment online through gateway using third party resources.


Manage payrolls of different employees in your institutions using the payroll groups feature. It is a comprehensive human resource management software.

In-house messaging system

TAS offers in-house group chat options to delegate work or assign/ re-assign it among employees.

Focus on business development

Concentrate on developing your business while Centerpoint ERP manages your business.


All data is secured. Don't worry about any crucial information being stolen. TAS protects your data.

Cuts cost significantly

Perfect for project business and provides significant cost savings.

Action search

The innovative action search of Centerpoint ERP allows users to get access to various other features through a simple search on the top menu.


Mobile applications that communicate with TAS at your institution and extend the possibilities of accessing information on the go.

Customization ready

If the enterprise version does not exactly match your requirements you can customize reports and modules as per necessity.

File attachments

Attach files of any document quite easily.

No hidden fees

Transparent pricing with Centerpoint ERP.

Wide range of services

With Centerpoint ERP you get a bundle of ERP modules suitable for your business nature.

Free Services

We also offer you a variety of other services like installation, support, integration, training services and along with implementation.

Secure password management

Easy recovery of lost password or change your password anytime for complete security.

Control privileges

TAS’s advanced user management functions allow you to assign different privileges to different users.

No unnecessary features

All of centerpoint erp’s features are useful and valuable with no spurious functionality. Several features are enabled and disabled based on versions.

Business friendly

As the ERP system has been curated from the necessity of the users and management, it is quite business friendly.

New features every month

New features and functionality in the form of new modules are frequently added to enhance Centerpoint ERP.

Multiple user Interfaces

Centerpoint ERP can be switched between the tabular view and the dashlet view depending on your preference or both.

Analyze performance

It allows you to store information about the past history of your business to let you analyze the performance.

Color themes

New two color theme plugin for Centerpoint ERP. It has in-built color themes light and dark.

TAS provides unique ID for all with options for unlimited users in case of Enterprise versions.

Smart attendance

TAS allows integration of the attendance module with systems such as biometric devices.

Start using ERP in just 1 hour.

User Document Storage

ERP allows for every users to upload and save their documents so that they never will be misplaced again.

Easily Accessible Everywhere

Centerpoint ERP can hosted on your server, which means, the users and the admins can always access it on the fly from anywhere.

Centerpoint ERP is the ultimate solution for managing batches or several business units in large organizations.

Printer Friendly

Our ERP you can print in Dot Matrix, Laser, Inkjet printers

Risk less delivery model.

Send SMSes and automatic alerts to parents on their mobile phones


Setup reminders for important tasks like activities and tasks.

Excellent quality work at affordable rates.

Most Trusted ERP

TAS’s ERP is trusted by more than 50+ large and medium sized organizations.

2500+ users every day.

Return on investment

Improving the return on investment significantly.

Unconditional guarantee

TAS will fix any bug of the system unconditional.

Dedication to meet deadline

Increased Productivity

Your business got brains

Centerpoint ERP is a smart and can make your business smarter.

Saves up-to 80% inputs & outputs time.

Customization for All

Basic customization facilities are provided to all versions of software.

Departmental Inclusion

Business Support System


Uniform operational modules across every department.